It's All About TIME

At RMP Media Analysis, we know that TIME is the key to success in the fast-paced world of Corporate Communications and Public Relations.

Each day the clock is ticking as the news cycle generates stories about your company, competitors and industry. The capabilities of RMP Media Analysis help to ensure that you stay current and ready to make informed decisions.

With RMP Media Analysis you have a strategic partner to help you:

  • Monitor and evaluate your media coverage
  • Measure and analyze the effectiveness of your media campaigns
  • Strengthen the media portion of your crisis management plans
  • Create a comprehensive media monitoring strategy
  • Enhance your existing system to maximize return on investment

Our services enable you to clearly demonstrate your media presence, understand and drive your corporate reputation, and track social media trends. We are eager to collaborate with teams throughout your organization to tailor solutions to fit your firm's unique needs and culture.

It's TIME to have us become part of your team's success.

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Who We Are

At RMP Media Analysis, our commitment to clients goes far beyond that of just a service provider. We are strategic partners.

As your strategic partner, our primary goal is to deliver fast, accurate, reliable and responsive service. With more than 10 years of experience, we are eager to put our expertise to work for you.

RMP Media Analysis collaborates with you and your teams of public relations, business research and corporate communications to establish powerful, results-oriented strategies that can take your media monitoring and analysis efforts to the next level.

From analyzing a single media campaign's success to providing comprehensive media monitoring and analysis solutions, we can help.

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How We Can Help

  • Media Coverage Consulting Services

    With more than 10 years of experience, RMP Media Analysis brings depth and breadth to helping clients build effective, meaningful media monitoring and analysis strategies.

    Create a Cutting-Edge Media Monitoring Program
    RMP Media Analysis can evaluate your current systems and recommend the best solutions to meet your overall goals and budget — and allow for future expansion.

    Enhance Existing Systems to Maximize ROI
    You have invested in a media monitoring system but find maintaining it to maximize your ROI a challenge. While most solutions are easy to use, they require understanding and time to extract the full benefit. RMP Media Analysis can maintain your system and keep it up-to-date and in sync with your goals.

  • Media Monitoring

    We keep you informed of media coverage about your company, competitors and industry, because knowledge is power—the power to set trends, respond to the competition and drive better coverage that enhances your reputation

    Daily Reports: A compilation of news clips from key media outlets, trade publications and social media delivered at a pre-arranged time each business day. In most cases, the format of your report can be customized, to meet branding standards and maintain a cohesive presentation with other reporting.

    Weekly Review: Evaluation of the week's news coverage and media inquiries. This is a fully customized report based on an in-depth consultation with our staff. This report is typically delivered within one business day depending on the final agreed to format. This report can also be created in a monthly, quarterly or yearly format.

    Media Analysis
    RPM Media Analysis helps you demonstrate that communications objectives are being met. RMP Media Analysis leverages analytical graphs, objective commentary and industry knowledge to compile board ready reports that show:
         • Effectiveness in reaching your intended audience with key messages
         • Message pick-up by types of media and specific media outlets
         • Sentiment analysis showing how key messages were reported and received

    These reports can be for a specific PR campaign, a single topic or the news for the week, month, quarter or year. An In-depth consultation with our staff ensures the focus is in line with corporate efforts. Available in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe PDF.

  • Crisis Management Media Monitoring

    Good crisis management plans demand that decision-makers stay apprised of media coverage as a business crisis unfolds.

    As-it-happens Media Monitoring
    To help you respond to media reports about business and operational announcements, press releases or industry events, RMP Analysis compiles and distributes key media clips, as the news becomes available.

our clients

Our Clients

Our client list is comprised 100% of business referrals. We think that speaks volumes about our commitment and our goal to act as a strategic partner in our clients' success.

  • RMP Media Analysis is a necessary tool in an ever-changing market environment. Executives are kept up-to-date with daily news summaries, breaking news, issue-based reports and weekly analysis allowing the communications team to focus on proactive media outreach efforts.
    –Jumana Bauwens, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications
    Bank of America

  • RMP Media Analysis has been adept in assessing our needs and creating a clean data set to support the analysis and measurement of our corporate communications program. We can confidently research and report our results on a yearly and quarterly basis, and we have benefited from RMP's insightful analysis of our reputation and industry trends.
    –Bethany Sherman, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications
    The NASDAQ OMX Group



  • RMP Media Analysis effectively evaluated our needs, identifying and implementing a very effective quantitative communications tool. The in-depth knowledge and expertise of the team was instrumental in developing and implementing our strategy which was extremely well received by executives.
    –Peter McKillop, Director of Global Communications
    Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

  • When it comes to measuring results, RMP Media Analysis is our secret weapon. Why? The team at RMP Media Analysis understands the news industry inside and out. Their researchers also are masters of (web-based) technologies that enable them to produce highly analytical media reports quickly. Because of our partnership with RMP Media Analysis, our media relations program has been significantly enhanced.
    –Marcia Meredith, Manager, Media & Public Relations
    Presbyterian Hospital

  • We believe in a strict research-based approach to communications and RMP Media Analysis provides the unbiased media measurement to gauge if we are impacting public understanding.
    –Patti Giglio, Principle
    PSG Communications



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